Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peekaboo Barn: Great introductory app for wee ones

There really isn't much that a mom wouldn't love about this app.  It's probably one of the best apps for parents who wish to get their child hooked on technology at an early age because of the simplicity of it.  After the parent hits start and shows his or her little one how to tap on the barn doors, it won't take much to keep the child wanting more.  The barn doors open and a dog, goat, cow, or another cartoon barnyard critter will appear and make its traditional noise.  The app will then display the name of the animal and a voice (you can choose from an English-speaking child or adult or a Spanish-speaking adult) will name the animal.  Finally, after introducing all of the animals, the sun sets and the sky begins to light up with stars. A slight trembling will come from the barn. Upon opening the doors, your child will discover that the animals are all asleep and snoring. The English-speaking child (credited as "Lily, age 2") gives the most adorable whispered statement of the animals and their slumber at the end.

There is a lite version of Peekaboo Barn, but I suggest you just go for the full version.  It's just $1.99 and it is something that will be used for quite awhile.  I've got a feeling that we just might splurge and get a few more from Night & Day Studios because this one has been one of IM's favorites.


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